Reverend Prophetess Lady Of Wisdom AKA Master Psychic Lady Of Wisdom is a White Light Practitioner, a Seer and a Christian Mystic.She's known as The Prophet Of The Christ. She's commonly referred to as a "Christian White Witch" due to her working with White Light Energy which is also called White Magic or Divine Magic. This is also known as The Highest,Greatest Power Of All,Christ Jesus(God). She's also an Ordained Minister, Reverend, A World Renowned,Master Psychic,Prophet,Christian Prophetess,A Healer and Also An Aspiring Singer. The Psychic is mainly known for her Gift Of Prophesy,Gift Of Prophetic Visions and Gift Of Revelations. This is known as Clairvoyance. The Psychic also has a deep love for music,singing and has some vocal training. Her voice is soulful,powerful and she has the uncanny ability to maneuver in between registers. Her love for Gospel music is extremely great. She also enjoys quite a variety of  different types of music and artists. Her favorite artist of all times is Whitney Houston. The Psychic is almost always compared to Whitney Houston due to her mezzo style soprano register. Psychic Lady Of Wisdom has won quite a number of talent shows and competitions for her uncanny vocal abilities. If you have enjoyed what you have heard and witnessed from The Psychic. Please contact myself. Christine Waters,Manager/Assistant Of Christian Gifted Psychics and Holy Witches Chapel. You may also send an email to The Psychic if you are interested in working with her. Please email her at Please be sure to leave all necessary,important contact information so that we can respond immediately to your inquiry.Thanks,may God continue to bless,Christine Waters,Manager/Assistant on behalf of Christian Gifted Psychics and Holy Witches Chapel formally called A Gift Of Miracles On Line Sanctuary&Ministry.