"THE PROPHET OF THE CHRIST"

She's Reverend Prophetess Lady Of Wisdom AKA Master Psychic Lady Of Wisdom AKA The Prophet Of The Christ. She's well known for amazing predictions that has mostly been confirmed while the rest are currently happening now. She's A White Light Practitioner And A Christian Mystic. She's also commonly referred to as a "Christian White Witch" due to her working with White Light Energy which is also called White Magic and Divine Magic. This is the Greatest, Highest Power Of All Christ Jesus(God). She an Ordained Minister, A Christian Prophetess, A Master Psychic ,A Master Prophet, Healer And A Singer. She has decided to create a site that just consists of her singing,performing live and she is also in the process of writing her own music as well. The Prophetess has a mezzo style soulful,gospel sounding,amazing and powerful register. She mainly enjoys of course singing songs,praises to our Most High God,Christ Jesus. She also has a love for R&B,Pop,Rock and some Hip Hop music. She has included some videos on this site which includes her singing without music. She has included videos of her performing live at karaoke. She also has threw in some extras for you to listen to as well. Thanks so much for your visit to this site!  

This Is A Live Video Of Reverend Prophetess Lady Of Wisdom Singing With Open Arms By Rachelle Ferrell




 The Prophetess Performs One Moment In Time by Whitney Houston Live At Karaoke